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Thursday, April 1, 2010

For All My Stone little collection

I caught the stone buying bug a few months ago. In the beginning, I bought a stone at a time and then immediately made something with it. That was good for the budget. But then the bug got worse and I started falling in love with stones, and if you love stones, you know once you love a stone, it has to be yours!

Now I have seen many stone collections and know that mine is teeny tiny! You should see some of the metalsmiths collections! They have so many stones it makes me dizzy!

Here is a picture of my little teeny tiny collection-hey you have to start somewhere right?

They are: agate, turquoise, ocean jasper with druzy, amethyst sage, lapis lazul, agate with druzy, onyx, sonoran sunrise (which I set and then hated-so not sure what I am going to do with it.), chalcedony, some type of jasper (I think), not sure, and fordite.

My favorites are:
This Ocean Jasper. It has a great druzy on the top and another pocket on the left bottom corner.
I think I am going to prong set this, just not sure how yet.

This Amethyst Sage. It has the prettiest purples, creams and browns in it, with dendrites
throughout. I want to make sure to set it so light can get to it....hmmm maybe
a good time to try an open back setting.

This Agate, that also has a beautiful druzy in the middle.
I love these, the crystals shine so pretty in the sunlight.


Chris Stone said...

pretty stones!

Gemheaven said...

yum !!

cabbingrough said...

what a great treasure!

Debi - Tink's Treasure said...

These stones are fascinating & drawing me like a magnet! Thanx for sharing your beautiful collection.