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Friday, January 21, 2011

UM, My Dog Ate My New Work???

So today I found myself with a few new pieces ready to be photographed. It is a beautiful day here in So. Cal, so I had my sweet (not so little) puppy out and about with me while I took photos. It was going well, until I turned around and the ring that I was taking a picture of was GONE! Oh where could it have gone you ask?

HMMMM.....ask Hazel the puppy

Oh don't let that angelic face fool you! She had it. That's right, she had the ring. In her mouth, saving it for later. From that moment on, she thought she had made up the best game EVER! Take mommies jewelry, slobber on it and then pretend to be oh so innocent.

The puppy face would totally work on me, if only the minute I set something down she didn't use her 78 pound body to PUSH me out of the way and mouth the jewelry. Yeah, she's not sorry. 
Finally after some scolding and my moving out of her attack range, she decided to let me finish taking my pictures. Then I gave her snuggles and rubs and laid her down for a nap. After all who can stay made at a gorgeous face like this??? Not me!

So after all of that, here is my newest ring. ( I have been working on some commissioned pieces too), but this ring is in my Etsy shop right now. Inspired by some Henna tattoo work I have seen, this ring incorporates the swirling movement of lines and dots with carnelian and turquoise. Quite honestly, I really LOVE this ring! 

Oh, and all jewelry has been de-slobbered!


jewelstreet said...

Ooh, that is lovely. I can see why Hazel wanted it. I would've pushed you out of the way too. ;)

Kim V said...

Gorgeous!! Hazel has good taste!!

SToNZ said...

SO funny.
That takes jewelry/stone slurping appreciation to a whole new level!