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Monday, July 23, 2012

Etsy Shop Updated

It has been FOREVER since I have last posted. I thought once the kids were out of school, I would have TONS of time.

Nope, once your kids reach 8 and 10....they no longer play with toys. They bicker like married folk, and whine about being bored....they make things out of duct tape, they take apart bikes and spray paint them (with permission)......but with everything they do, they still need supervision....from me.

That and our sports schedules....(seriously it is ridiculous, like 13 hours a week for one kid and 4 hours a week for another kid) at a location FAR from home...make it hard for me to find time to be able to create for more than a few moments. I have been getting lots of great sketches in though!

Here are some of my recent pieces that I have been able to create and list...The seahorse is my favorite!

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