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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Having Fun With Etching

I recently (okay a couple of months ago) purchased the E3 Etching kit by Sherri Haab. I finally purchased some E3 paper from her and have begun my love affair with etching! It's so easy. You take a picture, print....whatever copy it with a laser printer onto the E3 paper, iron onto your silver and etch! Seriously it's that easy.....look what I have made so far!!!! All for sale in my Etsy shop....

Baby Footprints.....yes, REAL baby footprints taken from the hospital! I can do hand prints, drawings and much more too!

But it doesn't stop I have taken a picture of a leaf and etched it to make a pendant-I dressed it  up a little with a tube set garnet.

And finally a hand drawn wave (gotta love Southern California!)

Keep watching-next I am going to be working with handprints and fingerprints!

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